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EOL  GROUP has succeeded on its different entreprises such as EOL CENTER, EOLienne Maroc, EOL ICT, HIMVEST Holding, Adéquat RH by employing its consultants for 15 years who are specialized in Telemarketing and multi channel strategic marketing to guide you in your development based on your sales objectives and client satisfactions:

  • New sales contract
  • Up-sells
  • Sales portfolio management & optimization
  • Loyalty program creation and valuation.
  • Traffic generation to sales locations
  • Emailing campaigns management and direct marketing operations.
  • Customer service
  • Customer Relation Management
  • B2B and B2C Appointments
  • Sales inquiries

It’s because of this type of presentations that EOL CENTER is able to introduce to you valuable solutions for your sales projections and business growth.




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Clients Relationship

EOL CENTER GROUP’s goal is to build a long term professional relationship by providing high quality values and services for its clients to support their business growth and achieve their objectifs.

Sales Expertise

A young and a dynamic team, motivated by the culture of goal setting, as well as achieving objectives which is the key to success for EOL CENTER GROUP.

Experienced in Multi-lingual Services

We stand out by providing services in multi languages such as: English, French, Flemish, Dutch and Arabic.

The Best Experience

We force ourselves to create a positive experience with each client’s interaction by putting in place the best people, the best quality and certainly the best technology.

A Determined Team

Our team includes partners who are involved in the business development and increase value proposition. which makes it a mutual success since it’s one of the value EOL CENTER GROUP focus on.


We are always looking to develop loyal business relationships with our clients to surpass their business goals.

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